Last week saw the launch of the new version of Intel’s ITManager gaming experience: IT Manager 3 : Unseen Forces. The premise is a simple one – you are an IT manager charged with running an office whose success relies on your ability to keep things running smoothly.

Away Media acted as 3d consultants on the project, assisting MRM Worldwide to achieve the best possible 3d experience with the Away3d engine. The game takes advantage of a lot of Away3d features to produce something never before seen in a Flash game – highly detailed interactive 3d scenes running at a smooth pace.

Starting with only 3 floors, you can work your way up to bigger and better offices by providing the best technical assistance to the company. Performance is linked to a number of different scoring systems, including your mystical ITChi level which reacts to the overall competence of your actions. Get this above a certain point and you’ll achieve “ITChi enlightenment”, a nirvana-like state in which everything turns a calm blue, and special power-ups are awarded.

The game requires that you register a username and name of your virtual company before commencing battle with your evil computing nemesis. For login details, go to