It’s been a cool Flashforward this year – my first for a while but I enjoyed the new one-track format (with short, occasionally bizarre couch-discussions between speakers), drugs advocation (thanx Robert!) and the largest conference screen i think i’ve ever seen (see above).

Too many people have asked now so i just want to clear up the following – despite setting my own hands on fire thanx to a flaming drink and a hand tremor, there is no permanent damage. But thank you all for your concern!

So many highlights… I loved Stacey Mulcahy’s unblinking breakdown of how developers see project managers, my personal favourite quote being: “Bad planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part”. :)Robert Hodgin did a quite incredible live performance with a cellist friend and some mindblowing accompanying visuals, Todd Rosenberg was a relief to all 30-somethings who feel like they haven’t quite ‘gotten there’ yet, Keith Peters took a misty eyed trip down memory lane – taking a well deserved swipe at Jakob Nielsen along the way (followed up by Hoss Gifford later in the conference…), and of course, Jared Ficklin’s lessons on how (and how not) to play with fire and sound were mesmerising.

My own presentation went well enough for people to turn up and ask questions. I was a little worried initially as i had trouble finding the breakout presentation room – and i figured if it was difficult for me, who else was going to be motivated enough to get there? I was quite relived when i turned up for my slot and found i wasn’t speaking to an empty room ;) In fact, it was a pretty packed room, some of whom i hope are now Away3d converts!

Still got a lovely 10 hour flight to get through, and with no online booking available i’m sure i’ll end up sitting somewhere terrible. better get a move on…