This presentation came with the opening caveat “Red5 is not just for flash video!” But possibly more importantly, Red5 is not just an open source version of FMS. While it’s true that it offers streaming media, live broadcast subscription, shared objects and application logic that is all possible in FMS, there is also Flash Remoting, life cycle data services, built-in Java frameworks, Ruby integration and Python integration on offer, with more features being added…

One of the major bonuses of the Red5 server being Java based is that it will run on any platform that supports Java, with a simple one click installation! There are great tools for development (like eclipse jdt), plus many varied libraries and already a lot of Java developers with the required knowledge to be developers for streaming services.

Find out more of how to setup a red5 server, create your own java extensions for custom functionality and run test applications in eclipse by going to Chris Allen’s blog

Also available to purchase is a new hosting service for red5 which you can find at

And you can download the server itself (for free) by going to