Sony Bravia

Here Carlos went on a revealing journey through the design and development methods used in the construction of the Sony Bravia website (released late last year) and gave a quick showcase of the current progress in his latest project for Absolute.

Nice touches to the interface were highlighted, such as the option of mouse or keyboard control, the perspective twist (seen above) to give a more interesting movement to the tv boxes, the fading zoom used in submenus and the saving screen states that retain the last viewed frame of the submenu when zoomed out.

Some of the more subtle design approaches of the interactive screens were highlighted, such as the use of filters in the lightcycle screen, 3d sound in the sound room, and pre-rendered animation for the droplets with randomised color.

The new work done for the Absolute site (In An Absolute World) uses groups of 3d blocks using 2d physics for navigation, that allows the user to directly push and pull blocks around in a realistic manner. Each box is actually a single item of content, that can be clicked on to open in an unwrapping 3d fashion. I’ll post an update link here when the site goes live.

UPDATE – site is now live, check out