The BBC Sport website have recently released the Formula 1 Circuit Guides as part of their F1 coverage for the 2009 season. This application was a joint commission between Away Media and Monterosa Productions for the BBC, and allows you to view the 17 F1 circuits on the 2009 calendar in interactive 3d.

Away3d was used for all the 3d areas of the application, with deserved special mention to the extrusion tools that allowed accurate and fast renders of track surfaces, racing lines, pit lanes and all smaller locater tracks seen in flyby, driver’s lap, and circuit information sections. Fast culling of objects in the more detailed flyby sections was used to keep framerates at acceptable levels, with frustum clipping activated to minimise render artifacts on the ground.

The application currently allows users to view the first 3 circuits on the calendar, but the remainder will be added as the season progresses, as well as extra content relating to post-race analysis. The noticable difference betwen this and other online circuit guides is the sheer level of detail in the information presented – you get driver’s commentary for flyby laps, images and editorial comments on famous corners, gear and speed indicators, time section markers, racing line indicators, and in the driver’s lap section, information about throttle, brake, g-force, steering angle and speed, all displayed in real time. With it’s excellent presentation, ease of use and depth of content, it should provide something for die-hard fans and F1 newbies alike.