The Tomorrow Mural is a collaborative online art piece that allows anyone to contribute by uploading an image and/or message for their vision of the future. Commissioned by Intel, the site has various ways to interact with the content submissions as the database grows.

As you begin, spacey bleeps and widdles float out of your speakers, as if you’re about to enter some sort of online isolation tank. Once in, the emphasis is placed as much on casual browsing as contributing to the content – you can sort and search messages using many different categories including, colour, popularity, geo-location, submission time etc. Each set of search results are presented in a 3D interface that allows messages to be browsed individually at your leisure.

The concept was developed by MRM Worldwide, with Away Media providing Flash development and 3D expertise. Launched around the end of August, contributions have been flooding in from all over the world for the last few months, with the overall outlook being surprisingly positive! Certainly, i would recommend a browse to anyone who required a few minutes of contemplative relaxation amidst the typically hectic buildup to Christmas ;)