Doritos have recently launched an online campaign called ID3, which revolves around a prize draw that participants can enter by playing and completing the flash game at All packets of doritos have a code printed on them allowing you to gain access to the game. You can also get a free passcode by going to, although using one of these will only allow you to play the game, not enter the draw.

The site was another collaboration between  Rehab Studio and Away Media, with Upset TV, providing the excellent live action sequences that plunge you straight into an undercover gangster bust-style scenario, complete with dodgy east-end accents and evil secretive bosses. :D

Away Media’s role within the project was to develop two 3d minigames that had to seamlessly integrate with the main cinematic sequences. Away3d was used to great effect, taking advantage of some of the advanced shading options, and relying on frustum culling to make possible the use of the large gameplay areas. The 3d physics library Jiglib was used for collision detection.

The draw is to remain open until the end of September, so there is still time to enter! As an added bonus, there is a easter egg to be found inside the warehouse minigame. When you encounter the forklift truck, press the keys ‘up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter’ to unlock drive mode…

The site was recently included in Board’s top 5 picks of the month for August 2009 following it’s FWA site of the day award on the 11th August.