A new training course has been announced for all London-based Away3D’ers! Hosted by the LFPUG, Stepping into the 3rd Dimension is a two day workshop which will focus on Away3D 4.0 features and should be suitable for anyone looking to dive into the world of Stage3D-accelerated Flash content. I’ll be taking on my usual role of tutor, with Tink providing backup in the form of lunch arrangements and good vibes ;)

The course is due to be held on the 23rd & 24th of August, priced at a very reasonable £230 + VAT (£276). A full description of topics can be found on the lfpug training page, highlights include:

  • Library and examples step-by-step setup
  • Animation systems walkthrough
  • Prefab3D installation and use
  • Publishing on mobile devices

With a maximum class size of 14, seating is limited so be sure to register on the LFPUG page above asap to guarantee yourself a place, or send a mail direct to the organisers at training AT lfpug.com.

Hope to see you there!