I was hoping this was going to be a list of howlers that Ted Patrick had made at various points in the past concerning Flex development but instead it was a cunningly disguised list of don’t transformed into do’s. I won’t cover it in too much detail as the session will most likely appear on Ted’s blog in the near future, but it had some good general advice that included:

  • Collect components that sit next to each other doing related tasks into a single custom component.
  • If your project involves more than 2 developers, use a Framework
  • Use classes to organized code (pull it out of the mxml file by extending the base classes).
  • Dummy data urls can help kickstart the client developent before server coding starts.
  • Beware of optimising early!
  • //Comment your code
  • Be careful with bindings (eh? what about the Caringorm object model? I think a little coherence here would be good)
  • Release early, release often.

There was also a mention of shared libraries when it comes to publishing multiple swfs that all utilise the same base framework. While this is a good idea, i think the new Flex caching features of Flex 3 are a far more advanced way of reducing download sizes of applications that use the Flex framework.