Adobe AIR

Lee Brimlow stepped in to cover for Mike Downey on this one, who mysteriously had a prior engagement in Milan. I get that sometimes….

Essentially Lee’s notes of his earlier pres will do just as well for giving an overview of the AIR API – you can also find details of development requirements and examples on the Adobe website

An update for Flash CS3 gives you new options in the splash screen for an AIR application fla, and includes code hinting etc. for the new commands. CTRL enter runs a debug AIR application the same way a Flash project would run a debug swf.

‘Commands menu > AIR Application and Installer Settings’, gives you AIR export options (chrome, icon, digital signature, included files, file type settings for default opener), and

‘Commands menu > Create AIR file’, exports the application to an AIR file ready for deployment.

The new native classes for AIR can be found inside the flash.desktop. package. These include:

  • NativeDragEvent for drag and drop functionality
  • NativeDragManager for accepting and rejecting drag events
  • ClipboardFormats for reading from the OS clipboard
  • stage.nativeWindow for accessing the desktop window containing the AIR application