Fresh from several months of condensed development, I am finally letting myself out of the house again. The reason? Two conference presentations around some of the new work coming out of The Away Foundation, as well as the second workshop event for the library formally known as Away3D Typescript;)

First there is the two-day gamesfest that is DevGAMM Moscow, full of cinematic suspense and drama, if their insanely great promo video is anything to go by. Gotta love those Moscovians… This event is being spearheaded by Mr Unity himself David Helgason, so plenty to look forward to! Things kick off on the 15th May at the Radisson Blu in central Moscow.

Afterwards, I’ll be railing-it down to Belgium for Multi Mania in Kortrijk. This is a free conference, and always confounds expectation by also being one of the best so no excuses for missing out! Dates are 19th – 20th May at the Kortrijk Xpo, with sessions from a great selection of speakers including the likes of Peter ElstSakri Rrosenstrom and Seb Lee-Delisle.

At both conferences, I’ll be talking about some of the new work we’ve been busy with in Typescript & WebGL, with further info on our plans over the next few months and where we see things headed, as well as all the latest demos and perhaps even a little live coding just so that you can see how bad my typing really is. The talk is called Finding AwayJS which should give some hint to its contents and direction.

Sandwiched between this, I’ll be holding a one day Typescript training workshop in Moscow on the 17th May, directly after DevGAMM. Details for this can be found on our Eventbrite page and parallel Timepad page (the latter to handle local currency). The workshop will be focusing on introductory 3D development natively in the browser, and all the recent goodness we’ve been tinkering with. This is your chance to get first hand training and advice on native web 3D development, with a ton of cool examples and walkthroughs. If the last Typescript training was anything to go by, it should also be great fun.

I can’t believe how long its been since my last post here, so I’m officially declaring this blog re-opened! Looking forward to meeting you all again.