If you’re interested in hearing about the latest Away3D releases, sites, collaborations, experiments and updates, then check out the conferences below for when i will next be presenting a session. The talk is called “Getting some perspective: Away3D 4.0 & friends” and is a loose collection of all of the above plus a few observations about the general state of 3D in Flash, and what the future might hold.

FITC is the daddy – one of the longest running Flash conf…. sorry, creative conferences. The Amsterdam version is always a blast and one I’m particularly looking forward to. Partly because of the eclectic mix of speakers it attracts, and partly because its only a 45 minute flight away from London. I’ll be speaking on Monday – also look out for Richard Olsson talking about stereoscopic 3D effects in the Voodoo Influxis Lounge later in the day.

As Flash moves further into the hardcore gaming realm, games conferences are getting ever more relevant for its development community. FGS has been a trailblazer for Flash gaming for the last 4 years, and I’m very happy to be attending for the first time. Many of the speakers are people for whom i have a massive amount of respect for the work they do and contributions they make to the community, so all in all should be a very exciting event.

Beyond Tellerrand – Play is the new name for the Flash Forum Konference (FFK) in Cologne, Germany. This conference has a massive 2 days of workshops as well as the main speaker event, and I’m happy to say I’ll be hosting my own workshop on using the latest Away3D apis with Stage3D in Flash 11. More details will be posted here shortly – in the meantime a seat reservation can be made here and costs €350 per person.