The latest trunk version of Away3d (currently version 2.1.7) has several new and exciting features which are to be officially released in the upcoming 2.2 version. However, being the enterprising souls that you are, i thought you may want to see some of whats on offer a little ahead of schedule!

This demo shows off a new feature to Away3d – full support for collada bones animation. A nice feature about bones is that they can control any number of meshes without incurring significant extra processing overhead. Of course, full source is available here, but make sure you have the latest trunk version of Away3d before compiling.

Those of you who were at the recent Flashforward conference many have seen me stumble through a whistlestop rundown of Away3d features at the Speaker Slam, after being denied a place to plugin my laptop. :roll: However, had I been able to do so, this demo is part of what you would have seen. At my next speaker gig at Flash on the Beach, I’ll have more opportunity to reveal the whole piece that this fits into… not wanting to give things away, but it ends up involving wiimotes. Stay tuned!