Another Away3D update has arrived! The Away3D Team released their latest version of Away3D a few days ago – dubbed “4.0 gold” due to the fact that is it the first production-ready version of the Away3D 4.0 engine.

Full details of the release can be seen in the announcement on A large part of the work for the update has been around documentation and bug fixing, but there are some notable feature updates to the code for this release including:

  • Starling Integration APIs – new demo of functionality can be seen in

  • Mouse Interaction and picking APIs – offering a variety of picking approaches for optimising performance

  • Frame-based animation APIs – including unified skeleton & vertex animation apis, and flexible state management.

  • Established content workflows for designers – new demo of functionality can be see at

  • Bugfixes, examples and documentation – updated docs can be seen online at

As usual, download zips for source, examples and documentation can be found at, and further updates are expected in the coming weeks, along with more tutorials and support material.