Well, what can i say? The impossible has happened and we have managed to actually get a beta build of Away3D 4.0 out the door. Hallelujah!

For those of you who waited, our apologies and thanks in equal measure. While work is by no means done, this milestone puts things back on track for future updates, of which we are expecting many. For a description of just some of the changes made in this release, please read the full article over at http://away3d.com/comments/away3d4.0beta_released

There are a few of the usual links to dish out – firstly the following github repos have now has their master branches updated and tagged to 4.0.0 beta:



Then there is the updated livedocs page which will now reside at the linksafe address of http://www.away3d.com/livedocs/away3d/4.0 (all older urls will simple redirect here)

And finally, there is the download page for those who prefer their libraries zipped and / or swc’d: http://www.away3d.com/download

While we are still working on new examples and tutorials, many of the older ones have been ported to the beta codebase, tidied up and released as source downloads which you can access by clicking any of the images above. If you like the look of an example and want to see the source, simply use the right click (yes, thats back too) and select “View Source” from the menu. All new code examples  will eventually find their way onto github after some tidying up – if you have a code demo of your own that you would like to consider adding to github or are thinking of creating one that you’d be interested in open sourcing then please do get in touch!

The next few weeks are going to be a blur as far as Away3D activities are concerned, and we will be updating everyone soon on what to expect next from the team. As usual, feedback is welcome!