Only a month left until the new format for the creativathon that was Flash on the Beach, now Reasons to be Creative, kicks off in Brighton.

Being the uneducated heathen that I am, I’ll freely admit to being unfamiliar with the work of at least half the billing this year. But judging by past choices, I don’t doubt it will contain plenty of inspiring and interesting nuggets, the paydirt of any creative conference and the thinking behind why you must absolutely, definitely, without question or worry for your liver, be in attendance. ;)

With the recent upheavals in Away-land, I’m pleased to say there will be plenty of Away3D team members and supporters at the conference, bringing together the very latest on library development and the work of  The Away Foundation, something that I will be speaking about in my session Forward the Foundation on Monday.

Another of our team David Lenaerts will also be presenting on some of the magic he conjures up with the work for dynamic lighting in Away3D, as well as more general principals used in computer graphics in his session A Trick of Light on Wednesday.

Tickets are still up for grabs, with reduced pricing available for another 3 days until August 10th, after which the full ticket price is required.