Recently it was announced that Adobe will act as a funding partner to the Away3D engine, after an agreement was made between Adobe and newly formed non-profit organisation The Away Foundation.

With Away3D, Adobe are hoping to expand their Flash gaming credentials further into 3D-accelerated graphics, alongside the popular 2D-accelerated graphics API Starling.

You can read more about the Away Foundation and its ties to Adobe and Away3D in a Q&A given to Adobe’s digital media blog by yours truly:

And of course, Away3D has its own description of how this will affect activities in the following post:

Of course, The Away Foundation is something that has been in preparation for a few months now, and the primary aim is to create an accessible way for companies to support the work we do, via advertising, development resources and / or sponsorship. You can read more about the various tiers of membership available, as well as latest updates, releases, training and more at the official Away Foundation website: