As one of the cornerstone concerns of the recent 4.1 Alpha release of Away3D, GPU optimisation is something we will all have to start paying more attention to in future. The discipline used to be reserved for the hardcore console elite, but these days the application of GPU technology is literally everywhere, and the consumer has wised-up to the importance of smoothly performing and battery-efficient software.

As a reaction to this, I have been busy preparing a new presentation that takes a look at what GPU optimisation means for the web & mobile industry in general, as well as in the specific case of Flash based products. The talk is called A Million Little Triangles, and I’ll be giving a preview of the session at the newly reformed LFPUG this Thusday, as well as the upcoming FlashGamm conference in Kiev, Ukraine in a couple of weeks time. We will take a look at some of the history of accelerated graphics, and some of the general principals that today’s hardware adhere to – principals that make steering round the pitfalls all the easier. Hope you can make it to either one!


Sadly, there had been a change of plan on the LFPUG front, now looks like this will be delayed until January.